Studios for Peter Blake, Paul Huxley, Susie Allen, London
Three self-contained artists' studios, one with living accommodation have been carved out of industrial buildings around an old builder's yard in west London.

In the early 90's, a defunct builder's yard came up for sale in Hammersmith. It consisted of two street-front buildings with shops on the ground floor, and two rear buildings in varying collapse. Centred on all of them was an open yard reached through vehicle gates between the two shops.

A number of artists (Peter Blake, Ben Johnson, Paul Huxley and Susie Allen) got together and bought the individual buildings, and then collectively bought the courtyard. The artists' work, way of life, priorities, budgets, and programmes were all very different. This lead to a magical mystery tour to find a solution to all their requirements.
project:Studios for Peter Blake, Paul Huxley, Susie Allen
client:Peter Blake, Paul Huxley & Susie Allen
dates:1992 - 2005