Cockroft Building Remodelling, Brighton
On the strength of our work on the new library for the University of Brighton, the University hired us to do a major remodelling of one of their large classroom and lecture buildings. The area involved is about 26,000 sq ft.

The area contains a cafeteria, snack bar, licensed bar, junior and senior common rooms, a chaplaincy, the student union offices, a shopping concourse (bank, bookshop and general store) and the main entrance to the building.

The remodelling is intended to give a new image to the engineering campus in line with the quality of the new library.

The first stages of work involved refining the detail of the program requirements, and looking at the feasibility of various options for the location and shaping of the parts.
project:Cockroft Building Remodelling
location:Brighton , East Sussex
client:University of Brighton Estates Department
cost:£5 million